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Please read the following items before you fill out the application form



Each person 18 years of age or older must complete an application. 


Summit Enterprises has an equal opportunity housing policy. The following policies are established to ensure that all prospective applicants are treated equally. 


Each person 18 years of age or older that will be residing in the property must complete an application. Include cash or money order for $40 for each application. This fee is non-refundable!  



Credit Criteria: 


  • A credit inquiry will be ran on all applicants. 

  • Each applicant must have a good credit rating. 

  • Credit reports supplied by applicants will not be accepted. 

  • If applicant would like a copy of this credit report one can be ordered for an 

          additional fee of $5.00. 



Income Criteria: 


  • Applicant's employment and/or other resources of income will be verified. 

  • Length of employment and/or job stability will be a factor in consideration. 

  • Applicant's gross monthly income must be at least three times the amount of monthly rent. 

  • To verify income, please provide 6 months of pay stubs.  

  • Self-employed applicants must provide their most recent tax return and 6 months bank statements. 

  • Unverifiable income will not be considered. 



Prior Residency Criteria: 


  • Current and prior landlords' references will be checked. 

  • Failure to pay rent on time, to give a a 30-day notice in writing prior to termination of tenancy, to protect property or to respect the rights of other residents, will disqualify the applicant. 

  • Applicant's willingness and ability to care for his/her current and prior residences will be confirmed. 



Other Considerations: 


  • Photo ID must be shown at the time the application is submitted and rental agreement is signed. 

  • The rental term will be a lease of not less than 6 months. 

  • Initial funds including first month rent and deposit will be collected in certified funds. 




Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. All items mentioned above must be provided within 48 hours of submitting your application. In the event of multiple applications on the same unit, we reserve the right to rent to the best qualified applicant. 

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